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Hey everyone! I’m Jason and I live near San Francisco, California. I’ve been a reefing hobbyist for a while now, starting from when I was a little kid when I’d help my dad maintain his aquariums.

My dad and I took a hiatus from the hobby when I went to college, and we returned to it ~10 years later when I surprised my dad with a nano reef tank for Christmas. At first he was hesitant, because he recalled how difficult his old saltwater tanks were to maintain.

Fortunately, we soon realized how much technology had improved the reefing experience. All the equipment is now cheaper and more dependable, and what used to be obscure components are now easily bought on the internet. This has enabled nano reefs to be significantly more feasible, and I found the old wisdom of “nano reefs aren’t for beginners!” to be outdated -- It’s now actually really easy and way cheaper!

When I started my nano reef adventure, there wasn’t a good, comprehensive beginner’s guide online (believe me... I’ve looked!!), so I decided to spend some real effort to create one myself. This guide combines hundreds of hours of testing different devices, browsing internet reefing forums, poring through video reviews, and discussions with other owners.

I hope this guide not only helps you set up your reef tank, but also inspires anyone sitting on the fence or discovering the hobby for the first time. I almost gave up myself because there was a lot of conflicting information and no good intro guide to make me feel comfortable about restarting the hobby. For me, owning a reef aquarium is a daily memento of Mother Earth’s astonishing beauty, and I’d love to share that wonder.

If you’d like to support Coral & Sky / my work, simply read about and buy the products highlighted through the links in the guide. If you choose to buy this way, then this page gets supported by affiliate commissions via Amazon. If the product is bad and you return it, then it doesn’t make anything, so it’s a fair system.

Depending on the response, I may build out the page more and add a lot more content. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email me at

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